The Hype Machine

3 05 2010

The Hype Machine: Streaming EVERYTHING

There is no question that the music industry is changing.  Guitars, drums, and pianos are being left behind for samplers, synths, and drum machines.  The album is dead and the single rules.  Every day some company out there is dreaming of taking down iTunes, and Apple is working even harder to make sure that doesn’t happen.  It is now easier then ever for an amateur musician to create and share their music with the world.  So with the internet exposing listeners to an unlistenable amount of unique music (some good, some great, most awful), how can listeners sift through the garbage and find the gold?Music fans rejoice!  There is an amazing site out there to help you do your sifting.  It is called The Hype Machine.  Basically The Hype Machine ( scours music blogs of all kinds, and anytime a blogger posts a link to, or embeds an audio file, The Hype Machine streams that file from their interface.  Essentially THM is the best internet radio out there, allowing you to search through the blogs for your favorite artists, follow blogs that consistently post good stuff, favorite tracks, and check out the favorites of your friends.  The collection is eclectic.  Whether your looking for remixes from the world’s hottest DJ’s, an old favorite from Simon and Garfunkel, or the newest leaked track from Lupe Fiasco’s much anticipated third album, you can find it on THM.

Another great feature of THM is that it organizes the music in several useful ways.  You can see the blog posts in chronological order, or by most popular (either over the last three days or over the last week).  In addition to that you can listen to only your favorites in the order you favorited them, or you can shuffle them to mix things up a bit.

The bottom line is anytime I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to, or my massive iTunes library isn’t quite massive enough, I go to The Hype Machine and just let it play, and I would encourage all of you to do the same.




One response

8 09 2010
joan olsen

this website is ammmaaazzzzinnnggg, thank you!

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