What I’m Listening To – Beach House: Teen Dream

3 05 2010

The members of Beach House not surprisingly in front of a sunset

For anyone who has never heard a Beach House song before, you should be able to get the gist of their musical style from their name.  It is exactly the type of music that you would imagine to be on repeat if you owned a beach house and had nothing to do with your time but relax and watch the clouds go by.Beach House’s third album, Teen Dream, has been out on Subpop records for a while now, and I have not stopped listening to it since.  The dreamy pop soundscapes created by the duo are perfect for a multitude of occasions.  Whether it be the aforementioned beach house scenario, a morning walk, or lying in bed at night reliving the day’s transgressions, Teen Dream will slow you down and have you relaxed in no time.  The best part of this album to me is the way it flows seamlessly from start to finish.  There is a certain consistency to their sound that really makes it feel like an hour long dream.

My favorite track on the album has to be Walk in the Park.  The organ and guitar intro is incredibly simple (as is most of their music), but it really carries the song through and combined with the programmed drums there is a bouncy kind of energy that is interestingly juxtaposed against their laid back style.  The lead singer, Christiane Legrande  delivers the chorus in her signature crooning style:

“In a matter of time it would slip from my mind.  In and out of my life you would slip from my mind in a matter of time”

The song breaks down to just the drums and organ and then builds up to the incredibly powerful climax of:

“More? You want more? You tell me more.  Only time can know you”

The album continues on much the same as it began.  Simple programmed drums, organs and synth pads, simple guitar riffs, and some beautiful vocal harmonies.  This is a great listen for anyone looking to relax on a beautiful spring day such as  today.  Enjoy!

Key Tracks: Walk in the Park, Norway, Silver Soul

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