The Hype Machine

3 05 2010

The Hype Machine: Streaming EVERYTHING

There is no question that the music industry is changing.  Guitars, drums, and pianos are being left behind for samplers, synths, and drum machines.  The album is dead and the single rules.  Every day some company out there is dreaming of taking down iTunes, and Apple is working even harder to make sure that doesn’t happen.  It is now easier then ever for an amateur musician to create and share their music with the world.  So with the internet exposing listeners to an unlistenable amount of unique music (some good, some great, most awful), how can listeners sift through the garbage and find the gold? Read the rest of this entry »


Random News – Lil Wayne Goes to Jail

9 02 2010

Today Lil Wayne begins a 12 month prison sentance

Here’s a good summary of the Rolling Stone cover story for those of you who are afraid you won’t get your fix of Weezy while he’s in the pen.

Random News

5 02 2010

Everyone’s favorite “Guidette” interviews the band behind one of 2009’s best albums: Phoenix